Franciscan Missionary Union

Spiritual Benefits of the Franciscan Missionary Union

Members enrolled for one year enjoy the following spiritual benefits:


Masses and Good Works

  • A remembrance in the Masses offered each day by the friars priests of the Guadalupe Province
  • A share in the Masses celebrated each day by the Franciscan priests throughout the world
  • A Mass in every Franciscan friary the world over on the solemnity of Epiphany (January 6), feast of St. Anthony (June 13), and once during November
  • A share in the Masses celebrated each day by Franciscan missioners throughout the world
  • A share in the daily communions, prayers and other good works of Franciscan priests, brothers, and sisters of the three orders the world over

To enroll in the Franciscan Missionary Union, please click here or write:

Province of Our Lady of Guadalupe
P.O. Box 12315
Albuquerque, NM 87196